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Grizzly Bears

With a population over 30,000 in North America, grizzlies spread across Alaska, western Canada, and the northwestern U.S. (Idaho, Montana, Washington and Wyoming).

grizzly bear

A grizzly will try to steal an elk or other animal that a pack of wolves has killed. When in a conflict, they will stand their ground and fight since they are too large to escape up a tree. If there are too many wolves surrounding them, they will give up and retreat. The grizzly is normally solitary, but will join other bears along rivers and lakes during the salmon spawn.

Encounter Tactics
If you should happen upon a grizzly, unless you have a gun, forget trying to fight one off because you are but a flea in its paws. It is unlikely that it will see you as prey, so your best bet is to either curl up in a ball or lay flat with legs spread (harder for a bear to turn you over), face to the ground and play dead. Put your hands over the back of your neck and pray silently for God's deliverance. The bear may paw you a few times until it is convinced that you are no longer a threat. If it walks away, don't move until you believe it has had ample time to get you out of its sights. If the grizzly should see you stir, it may return and do more damage.

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